The Art Of Anesthesia – Uwe Klemm, CRNA

The Art Of Anesthesia – Uwe Klemm, CRNA


“When you rotate with Uwe, you’re going to have a great day. He made us feel welcome and taught us the art of anesthesia.” – Marian University School of Osteopathic Medicine 2020 Clinical Rotation Students.

Uwe Klemm, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), is very happy that he followed his gut and heart into healthcare at HRH. And as many of the students from Marian University School of Osteopathic Medicine have learned during their rotations with Uwe, that joy is contagious.

Uwe started his career as a psychiatric technician at Wishard. Interested in learning more, he became a nurse and then gradually pursued anesthesia and became a CRNA. Uwe worked PRN at HRH for many years until a full-time position became available in 2015. He says he feels in his heart that he’s where he should be. “This is a wonderful profession,” he said. “It’s very rewarding because we’re helping people at a critical time in their lives.”

When HRH hosts students from Marian for clinical rotations, they have an option to shadow our CRNAs and anesthesiologists. Uwe enjoys getting an opportunity to help shape future healthcare providers. “The rotations are a wonderful way to showcase how anesthesia plays a role in healthcare,” he said. “We show them the different phases of anesthesia and the number of people we interact with from doctors to nurses to patients. It really demonstrates to them how critical good communication skills are and the importance of having a good bedside manner.”

HRH’s most recent group of students from Marian felt and appreciated Uwe’s passion for his job. They selected him as one of their Preceptors of the Year. In their recognition, they pointed out how Uwe makes anesthesia an art form. “I was very surprised and honored,” he said. “There are a lot of aspects to anesthesia. I was happy to give them some insight and am very touched to know I made an impact on these future healthcare providers.”

The COVID-19 pandemic gave Uwe an opportunity to see healthcare from a new perspective. When Governor Holcomb ordered a temporary halt to all non-emergency surgeries, Uwe took his talents to the frontlines, in HRH’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). “Taking care of COVID patients in the ICU was hard,” he said. “I have such admiration for the people working there. Working with them made me really appreciate working in anesthesia and I’m glad we were able to make a contribution.”

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