Serving Our Country Across The USA And Here At Home

Serving Our Country Across The USA And Here At Home

Greg, pictured with his wife, Cindy, and daughter,
MacKenzie, 16. When not supporting patients with
respiratory therapy, Greg likes to ride his motorcycle and
brew beer, though, he notes, “not at the same time.”

Greg Taylor did not find his way to healthcare the way most people do. His desire to help people came in the form of enlisting in the Army Reserve, going through medic training while in college and eventually active duty with the Army in Military Intelligence, stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. “When the time came up for re-enlistment, my options for assignment were less than optimal,” he said. “The military had a program that allowed a change of job to one that had a critical need. I looked into Respiratory Therapy, and it seemed like a job that I may enjoy.”

Greg relocated and started medical training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. “It was some of the most intense training that I had done in the military,” he said. “It was an 8-month program that consisted of 8-hour days, 5 days a week. There was four months of didactic training followed by four months of clinical training.” After a six year stay in Honolulu, Hawaii, at Tripler Army Medical Center, Greg moved to Indianapolis to settle down. He figured, at the end of the day, Respiratory Therapy was a job that would allow for advancement of his military career and make for an easier transition to a life outside of the Army.

As a respiratory therapist (RT), Greg has seen firsthand how COVID has taken ahold of our community. “We treated a young woman having a difficult time keeping her oxygen levels where they needed to be,” he said. “She was our patient for several weeks. She ended up needing to go on a ventilator for a while. At one point, it seemed that may not be enough to get her through. After some time, she improved enough to come off the ventilator and transfer out of the ICU. Eventually, she was discharged home. It’s always a great feeling to see patients improve and go home.”

“Our Respiratory Therapists, including Greg, have been an immensely important part of our COVID response,” President & CEO Kevin Speer said. “HRH will continue to recruit top-level Respiratory Therapists to provide the highest levels of care and assist our community.”

“I am extremely blessed to manage and work with the Respiratory Therapists that we have at HRH, they make me want to come into work everyday,” Greg says. “I am proud of the growth and work that our RT’s have accomplished over the last 18 months. They have really stepped up to the challenges and continued to provide the best patient care possible.”

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