Meet Your Hendricks Regional Health Nutrition & Dietetics Team

Meet Your Hendricks Regional Health Nutrition & Dietetics Team


The month of March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, a time to promote the importance of making informed food choices. At Hendricks Regional Health, this is carried out by our dedicated Nutrition and Dietetics team.

Each associate in the department takes great pride in providing people with healthy and delicious meal options. With a wide variety of backgrounds, the staff accomplishes this in several ways. Our team of nutrition experts and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) provide services including patient meal service, nutrition education, nutritional assessment and a variety of nutrition programs. They actively collaborate with other staff members, including nurses, pharmacy personnel, physicians and therapists to ensure superior patient care.

In addition, the team works with Meals on Wheels, the Hendricks County Senior Center and Hendricks County Division of Family Resources to ensure seniors living in our community have access to adequate nutrition. Each member takes great pride in the healthy and delicious meal options offered to everyone they serve.

Our small but mighty group of RDNs has more than 140 years of combined experience providing scientifically based medical nutrition therapy and education to our patients. These seven individuals wear many hats as they help individuals optimize their nutrition to help them heal, recover, manage medical conditions and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing general guidance on food and nutrition, many have advanced expertise in areas including diabetes, sports nutrition, oncology and weight management.

The team also agrees that the idea that dietitians eat perfectly all the time is the most common misconception of their jobs. They enjoy food and tasty treats as much as everyone! In fact, they feel strongly that there are no forbidden foods. You can rest assured there is no judgment of your food choices among this group.

Each member of this dedicated team shares a passion for helping others. Our RDNs provides nutrition counseling at our Danville campus and at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA. If you are interested in learning more, call (317) 745-3768 to make an appointment.

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