High Fives On The Westside

High Fives On The Westside


As the coordinator of a rapidly growing practice that underwent a lot of changes over the last six months, Westside Gastroenterology Consultant’s new practice coordinator, Sharon Roth, decided to shake things up a bit. Sharon teamed up with Angie Dee Coleman, Westside Gastroenterology’s receptionist, to create the High Five program to boost team spirit and associate engagement.

The High Five program works like this: associates can receive High Fives from patients or other staff members at any time. High Fives can range from a word of encouragement from a fellow associate to a job well done from a patient. When staff receive positive feedback, they are recognized for their efforts. “The morale of the office has been transformed,” said Sharon. “This program gives staff the desire to step out of their normal routine to show patients we value them. Then, in turn, the staff feel appreciated for their recognition.”

“When a staff member is having a bad day and I get to share a High Five with them, it’s all smiles,” said Angie. “Our team loves coming together to cheer on any member receiving a High Five.”

“This program keeps patients and staff engaged by continuing to give vital, positive feedback to one another. Many times, patients are very happy to be able to write a quick note about the practice or staff,” said Sharon. “It shows staff that I, as a manager, know we are going to have negative feedback at times. The Board is a reminder that there is much more positive feedback than negative.”

“Some of our patients feel they are treated so well they are brought to tears,” said Angie. “When that happens, we want our staff to know! When I get to share the news that a member of the team received a High Five, I pretend to be a cheerleader and make that person feel like a rock star.”

“Everyone loves a positive comment and compliment,” said HRH President & CEO Kevin Speer. “I’m proud to see the Westside Gastroenterology staff come together to support each other in a way that also engages our patients.”

The Board isn’t complete yet! Sharon has ideas for possible improvements. “I want to make sure the staff member receiving the High Five gets proper recognition for their High Fives,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s all about showing staff they are cared about and appreciated for giving the best patient care possible.”

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