From Freezing to Boiling Temperatures Emerged a New Leader

From Freezing to Boiling Temperatures Emerged a New Leader

Imagine starting a new job and your first assignment is to stick a swab up the noses of hundreds of strangers for four to 12 hours while standing outside in conditions ranging from freezing rain to sweltering heat. This was how Hendricks Regional Health welcomed phlebotomist Amy Munson, Laboratory, in December 2020.

Growing up in Rushville, Amy always wanted to help people. She spent six years driving a semi-truck, then working at ascena in Greencastle, but never thought of working in healthcare until her husband suggested she look into phlebotomy.

Amy started her career at Hendricks (and in healthcare) working in our COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Clinics as a swabber. Her supervisor, Judy Lothridge, calls Amy a “rock star.” “Amy basically lived COVID when she was hired,” said Anita Dieckmann, Director of Laboratory Services. “She grew comfortable with her role as a COVID swabber and eventually took ownership of the whole process, both in Brownsburg and at Building 5 in Danville.”

Amy has many fond memories from her time working at the clinics. “After I swabbed her, a five-year-old girl gave me a picture she had colored,” Amy recalls. “A Hospice pastor brought us goodies every week. There are a lot of things that I loved about working the drive-through just as much as I love doing my job at the hospital.”

With the clinics now closed, Amy, a state and national-certified phlebotomist, is concentrating on inpatient care. She works with all ages, from performing heel sticks on babies to drawing blood for inpatients’ lab tests. Amy works hard to make patients comfortable. “The one-on-one time with patients has become my favorite part of working at Hendricks,” she said. “Their families often are unable to stay with them throughout their stays. When I come in and give them an ear to listen, they really enjoy it.”

Amy is genuinely dedicated to Hendricks and our patients. She was scheduled to work the Thursday before Christmas 2022. When forecasters predicted a big winter storm would hit then, she offered to stay at the hospital through Sunday, Christmas Day, to ensure a phlebotomist was available if needed. “Our lab team is wonderful,” said Amy. “Everyone cares about each other’s well-being. I was happy I could support our team this way.”

When she’s not working, you can often find Amy spending quality time with her family. She also finds time for fun on her own! She’s been playing disc golf since 2014 and recently started learning photography.

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