Finding New Ways To Fuel Success – Kaitie Delgado

Finding New Ways To Fuel Success – Kaitie Delgado


Kaitie Delgado, MS, RD, Sports Dietitian CSSD, LD, ACSM-CPT, is passionate about food. That passion also sets her up as a running joke in her family. “People always think that since I’m a dietitian I must be a fantastic cook,” she said. “Those who know me know cooking is not my strength. The cook in our family is my husband, Richie.”

She may joke about her cooking skills, but as a registered dietitian and board-certified sports dietitian, Kaitie is out to set the record straight about nutrition. She devotes time with patients to breaking down nutrition into meaningful messages. “I work really hard to make it easy to understand,” she said. “I want my patients to be confident because a positive attitude is pivotal to successfully building healthy habits.”

When Kaitie first started in HRH’s Nutrition and Dietetics as a registered dietitian, she specialized in childhood and adolescent obesity. Shortly after, Kaitie and Richie became parents. She grew hyperaware of pediatric nutrition and started to question the nutritional information being presented to kids. “As a mom, I was really frustrated with the misinformation,” Kaitie said. “I know how critical it is to fuel growing bodies in healthy ways. I became really interested in how I can better help other busy families.”

In recent years, Kaitie came to realize how much has changed in the world of nutrition since she competed. “When I was in school, sports nutrition was not something that was even offered,” she said. “Now there are internship sites designated just for this field.”

With the rise in scientific research into sports nutrition, Kaitie decided to pursue a board certification. “All too often, I hear unrealistic ‘fad’ nutrition advice given to kids that leads them down the wrong path,” she said. “When I work with local athletes, I help them create a nutrition plan based on credible guidelines that will enhance their performance and promote safe recovery.”

“Kaitie is deeply invested in helping others achieve their goals,” said Martha Rardin, director of HRH’s Nutrition and Dietetics. “Her compassion and enthusiasm help people trying to make behavioral changes see that success is within their grasp.”

Kaitie is excited to use her board certification to help local student athletes achieve their competitive goals. She is available to meet with anyone interested in sports nutrition consultations. For more information, call HRH Nutrition and Dietetics at (317) 745-3768.

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