Every Donation Has An Impact

Every Donation Has An Impact


Twice every year, the HRH Foundation reviews grant applications from HRH departments. Each request supports a program, project, equipment or services for HRH and our patients. Since this program began in 2011, the Foundation has awarded more than $630,000 for 135 projects. It has positively impacted nearly every HRH department in some way, which means our patients have also benefitted.

The Foundation is looking to build on this tremendous success. As part of its annual giving campaign, the Foundation is asking associate to donate to the grants program. Recent examples for how the program has benefitted HRH and our patients include NicView cameras in the Childbirth Center, physicial therapy equipment for enMotion, a digital piano for Cypress Manor, and hands-only CPR manikins for Nursing Administration.

Earlier in 2021, Steve Wagner, HRH director of security, successfully applied for a grant to outfit each of HRH’s 28 security officers with vests. “Our security staff is tasked with managing increasingly hostile situations on a more frequent basis,” said Steve. “The grant we received rewards the loyalty and courage of our security team who respond to all threats without regard for their own safety. The purchase of these vests allows our officers to continue to serve and fulfill their duties with increased confidence in their own safety and the safety of others.”

“Our Foundation is becoming more and more important to HRH,” said HRH President & CEO Kevin Speer. “In a day and age when funding and payment sources are really being pushed and strained, our Foundation is a source of resources to help pay for programs we otherwise might not be able to do.” The 2021 Foundation Associate Giving Campaign is now underway through October 31, 2021. All HRH associates are invited to donate to support projects that enhance the care we provide to our patients by visiting SupportHendricks.org/Give2021.

“Every contribution makes a difference,” said Adam Scott, director of the Foundation. “Each dollar raised by the Associate Giving Campaign stays at HRH. Through the simple act of giving, the generous support of our associates truly changes the lives of the people we serve.”

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